Prakriti Assessment

We are Mana Ayurveda

Ayurveda, states that the basic constitution of a human being is determined at the time of conception. Thisconstitution is called Prakriti. The term Prakriti is derived from Sanskrit word that means, ‘nature’, ‘creativity’ orthe first creation’. Prakriti is the physical and psychological constitution of the individual, which is determinedon the basis of three doshas. One of the vital concepts of Ayurveda is that one’s basic constitution is fixedthroughout his lifetime. Talking about the constitution of a person, there are three basic types - Vata constitution,Pitta constitution and Kapha constitution and their combinations.

Importance of Prakriti

Knowing our Mana Prakriti is helpful as it not only helps us know our self better but also helps us in gettingrid of diseases. It helps in understanding certain vital physical and mental characteristics. Mana Prakriti is animportant decisive factor for evaluating an individual’s status of physical constitution as well.

Here we have provided detailed information about the factors determining Prakriti, the seven body types andthe characteristics of VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.

Factors Determining Prakriti

  • Sukra-Shonit Prakriti (Condition of sperm-ovum)
  • Kala-garbhasaya Prakriti (Condition of uterus)
  • Matu-ahar Prakriti (Food regimen adopted by mother, during pregnancy)

Types of Prakriti

Basically, according to Ayurveda, there are seven body types. Every individual has a unique combination ofthese three doshas.

  1. Mono types (vata, pitta or kapha predominant)
  2. Dual types (vata-pitta, pitta-kapha or, kapha-vata)
  3. Equal types (vata, pitta and kapha in equal proportions)

Characteristics of Body Types


Physical Quotient - Such people are either very tall or very short, with a non- muscular build. They have thinand bony limbs and a quick gait. The neck is thin and scrawny, with generally thin, darkish and cool skin type.

Facial Quotient - They usually have a long and angular face, with an underdeveloped chin. While the nose issmall and narrow, the eyes are small, narrow or sunken, dark brown or grey in color, with dull luster. They havea small mouth, with thin, narrow or tight lips. Teeth are usually irregular, protruding, or broken, set in recedinggums.

Mental Quotient - People under this body type are creative and artistic and tend to overindulge in pleasures.They are restless and have weak memories. Enthusiasm, freedom, generosity, joy and vitality define thecharacteristic of such individuals. They are spendthrift, but have a tendency to spend money on trifle things.


Physical Quotient - People under this body type have a well developed build and often boast of muscularlimbs and a stable gait of medium speed. They usually have a fair skin type that is soft, warm and lustrous. Theneck is proportionate to the body.

Facial Quotient - Such individuals usually have a heart shaped face, with a protruding or pointed chin. Theyhave pointed nose that is medium sized and average sized eyes, in light blue, light grey or hazel color. The lipsand mouth are moderate in size. There is a yellowish tint in the teeth.

Mental Quotient - Individuals, in this body type, are usually alert and attentive and have high concentrationpowers. Ambitious and confident, courage and enthusiasm oozes out of such individuals. With a developedsense of responsibility, they can take decisions and organize affairs well. On the other end, they may get irritable,jealous and aggressive by nature.


Physical Quotient - Boasting of a thick, well-developed build, such individuals have large, long limbs. Theyusually have a strong tree-trunk neck and thick, oily, pale or white skin. The average body temperature is generallycold.

Facial Quotient - Individuals in this body type usually have a large, rounded and full face with highly attractiveeyes. The eyes are mostly in blue or light brown or black in color. They have a large mouth with full lips. Big andsparkling teeth are another feature you cannot miss when you are in the company of a KAPHA individual.

Mental Quotient - Such individuals are mostly calm and considerate and have an utmost caring andcompassionate nature. Patient and faithful, individuals in this category have a sense of being nourished andportray stability, tenderness and contentment.