About US

We are Mana Ayurveda

Dr. Venu Gopal Chitteti, MD (Ayurveda) Regn. No: 21048, an alumnus of is the founder of Mana Ayurveda has 17 Years experience in the field of Ayurveda. He served many reputed Ayurvedic Clinics in South India. Mana Ayurveda took shape with his overwhelming passion towards ancient Ayurveda.

Pancha Karma Therapists at Mana Ayurveda have been hand-picked and trained personally by Dr. Venu Gopal Chitteti. Each has certification from a reputed institute of study. In addition to having spectacular techniques, our therapists are chosen because of their serving nature - their natural desire to treat people with Bhava - a deep feeling of care. Therapies and treatments are never performed in a routine manner. At our clinic, the doctor bonds with the patient to provide a genuine healing touch.

All Mana Ayurveda staff, including doctors and therapists, undergo extensive training in the Mana Ayurveda Method under the supervision of Dr. Venu Gopal Chitteti, that aims to provide our patients with the highest quality service possible.

One of the compliments we consistently receive from the people who have visited other Ayurvedic centres is that Mana Ayurveda stands out with respect to the quality and personalized care of its staff.